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WWW.RELIEFS-HELP.COM Best Reliefs Fund Site, For Help to Right Poor People From India, and all over the world.


Faith inspired action


Donate Your Liallah Money, Zakat Year, Zakat Business , Zakat Al Fitr , Sadqa, Aqiqa , Most Send Liallah Money for Poor Students.  


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WWW.RELIEFS-HELP.COM Best Reliefs Fund Site, For Help to Right Poor People From India, and all over the world.






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I Thank you very much for 1000 books worth lakhs of rupees. It will definitely help our students to enrich their reading skills and knowledge forever. I hope you will help us to do our best in the field of education. Thanking you for all our staff and institution.

Thank you for your generous donation (cloths) for our underprivileged children. On behalf of Society for Human & Environmental Development, we heartily thank you for giving clothes for our children. We will distribute the clothes to the needy children. We look forward that in future you will be able to help these children in various other aspects for their growth & development. We are extremely grateful.





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First off all Thanks to all people which is thinking for poor people, and also we respect  to all rich and royal people which is contribute in our charitable trust and send your genuine money.

God is see you and, your work and your fund. so one day god is give you a very BIG GIFT to you. God bless you all.


We a recently start charitable projects so please send your genuine fund to our charitable trust, Now we don't have any Fund in the trust so we request to all rich people , royal people please make focus in our 100% genuine trust and contribute in any projects, someone need to your money and this is our guarantee of you, a your  money is given to needed very poor people, which is not spend school fee, not spend everyday food, and also not spend a hospital bills.


NEKI Charitable Trust is committed to the welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed or color. Its emphasis is on assisting the children and youth who are the citizens of tomorrow and the disabled who need a support to help them join mainstream society.




You can contribute to any of our projects with small donation as per your choice.


Donate Liallah , Zakat, Sadqa , Aqiqa funds here.

Donate Liallah Fund $10 to $50000 is  Accepted.

Donate Zakat Fund $10 to $50000 is Accepted.

Donate Sadqa Fund $50  is Accepted.

Donate Aqiqa Fund For 1 Aqiqa $80 Maximum 14 Aqiqa is Accepted.


NEKI We a heartily thanks to your charitable trust for giving all type of support in our society. I think you best supporter for needy people so thanks again and we a pray for you a go ahead more and give a support to all needy people in society.

All The Best NEKI.






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